The Pavilia Bay

Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong
62,710 sq m
New World Development Company Limited

THE PAVILIA BAY is a luxury residential project that sails under iridescent sunlight upon the Rambler Channel.

The project site sits on the waterfront, and the brilliant sunset over the waters struck the heart of the designer – basked in sunlight, the concept for THE PAVILIA BAY was thus conceived. In the dense city of Hong Kong, this magnificent open view must be highlighted – the project can be read as a yacht embarking its journey towards the waters.

The themes of ‘sunshine’ and ‘yachting’ was carried all the way from macro building form, elevation, interiors, down to micro details such as door handle and signage designs.

The nautical design language and visualisation of sunlight is articulated through and highlighted by the streamlines that form the main character and feature of the building form. There are no sharp corners or straight lines in the three-dimensional curvy form of the elevation. This softens the often stiff and rigid architecture and allows the building to merge with the surrounding.

The surroundings of the project location is an important inspiration for the overall design. Therefore, to take full advantage of the site, the residential towers are oriented to maximize sea view for each residential unit.